12. 7. 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon Mini-Challenge by The Bookish Type

You can find more information about this challenge here.

My fake synopsis:
Jessica´s life has never been easy. 
She was toddler when strangers found her lying and crying on dirty ground. She went in an children´s home but Sarah and Mark - people who found her - decided to adopt her. She remembered being happy with them so she couldn´t understand why they abandoned her and put her in an children´s home - again.
Now Jessica is old enought to leave that place she hated for years behind her. In effort to move away as far as she can, Jessica find herself in small town near picturesque seashore. She found a job as waitress in café and started dating Adam, local fisher and sailor. She is dreaming about finding a way to get her life into place.
But that wouldn´t be so easy. Not even after she met Adriana, mysterious woman, who seem to know more about Jessica´s life than Jessica herself. Who is this strange woman? And why is she talking about Sirens, mermaids, broken rules and innocent victims? Why is Adriana still repeating that Jessica is the only one who is able to save them.

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