8. 7. 2011

Delirium - Interactive Book Trailer

Sorry that my English is kind of creepy because I am not a native speaker. Hope you understand. :D

I have one amazing news for you. Lauren Oliver, author of the books The Day Before and Delirium, released a beatiful new interactive trailer for Delirium. Personally I really like the video! You should really check it out. It is GORGEOUS! If you watch the entire video, you can choose whether or not you wish to be cured from love at the end of it. By choosing YES or NO, you will be redicted to two different videos where you will watch the following fate, depending on answer you have chosen. I received my copy of Delirium a few days ago, thanks to one wonderful person. :) Really looking forward to read it, I think I am going to start it after I finish Divergent.

Enough speaking/writing. :D Here is the video.

So? What have you chosen? If love were a disease, would you take the cure?
click on the answer to go to the next video


I will be really happy if you leave a comment. :) What have you chosen?

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Definitely no. Človek bez pocitov by sa správal ako robot. Veď aj v knihe ľudia robili všetko tak ako keby boli robotmi, vôbec ich nezaujímalo čo cítia tí, ktorí ešte nepodstúpili operáciu, podľa nich bolo najlepšie zbaviť sa lásky a súcitu aby ich nikto nemohol zradiť a oni netrpeli.

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