30. 8. 2011

Interview with Christine Seifert, the author of The Predicteds

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I am really excited to announce that I have Christine Seifert, the author of The Predicteds on my blog! This is the first time I did an interview with someone, and I am really happy that it was such an awesome person like Christy. I am looking forward to reviewing her book and I hope it will be soon. The Predicteds comes out September 1, 2011.
Christy and I will also be more than happy if you guys leave a comment after reading this post. You could for example write about your favorite places for reading. J

The Predicteds by Christine Seifert (GR)

Daphne is the new girl in town and is having trouble fitting in. At least she has Jesse... sort of. He wants to be more than "just friends," but there's something he's not telling her about his past. Something dangerous. When a female student is brutally attacked, police turn to PROFILE, a new program that can predict a student's capacity for drug use, pregnancy, and violent behavior, to solve the case. As the witch hunt ensues, Daphne is forced to question her feelings for Jesse-and what she will do if her first love turns out to be a killer.


Welcome to Leafy Books, I'm really happy that I have a chance to do an interview with you. Please tell us a little bit about yourself Christy.

Thank you so much. I’m delighted to be here. I’m an avid reader who is beyond excited about the upcoming release of The Predicteds. In my “other life,” I’m a college professor who teaches writing and rhetoric. Writing is sort of an escape from real life for me.

What was your inspiration to write The Predicteds?

A few years ago, we had a tragic shooting at a mall here (in Salt Lake City, Utah), and it led to the same questions we always ask when a teenager does something so awful: Why? And could we have stopped it? If we could stop these terrible crimes by isolating those who seem most likely to do such a thing, what would happen? The story just grew from there.

How long did it take you to write The Predicteds?

I’m a very fast first-draft writer. If it’s summer and I’m not teaching, I can write a draft in a couple of months. But I’m a slow reviser. The Predicteds took well over a year to revise. Maybe more.

Do you have anything in common with your main character, Daphne?

Daphne’s cooler than I am. And she likes to stick out in a crowd more than I do. I like to blend into the wallpaper. She’s probably wittier than I am, and she’s more judgmental than I am. But I do remember what it was like to feel like an outsider and to feel like you don’t belong anywhere. I also share her desire to believe that people can change.

How do you asses the cover of The Predicteds? Do you think that beautiful cover is important for a book and its author?

I love the cover of The Predicteds! I think the graphic design team at Sourcebooks did a fantastic job. And they came up with that cover with no input from me; I was overjoyed to see that they absolutely captured the essence of the book. I think covers are really important. I know that I’m much more likely to read a book that has a great cover, even if I’m reading the book on Kindle or my iPad. I’m not artistic, so I’m especially impressed by cool graphics and really beautiful art. It represents something I could never do in a million years.

Do you have your favorite place for writing or any special writing ritual?

I have a home office that’s totally dedicated to writing (and my other work). But I don’t start there. When I’m drafting, I first write by hand in a notebook. If it’s pleasant outside, I like to write on my patio. If it’s cold, I curl up on my sofa and have a cup of coffee while I draft a chapter. I usually write just dialogue first. Once that’s down on paper, I go back and turn conversations into scenes. I usually do that on my computer. I spend very long hours in my office!

And do you have your favorite place for reading?

Reading is my favorite thing to do, and I’ll do it pretty much anywhere: bathtub, bed, waiting in line at the post office, before classes that I’m teaching, on the train, wherever. But if I’m sitting down to have a good long read, nothing beats my patio. I like to listen to the birds at the birdfeeder and feel the breeze as I turn pages. When it’s too hot or cold outside, I move to my living room where I have a really comfortable chair and good light. I’d love to know where other readers read.

Do you prefer printed copies of books or ebooks?

I like both. I like ebooks for the ease of transport. It’s much easier to travel with a Kindle than with a stack of books. I also like ebooks for reading while I’m blow-drying my hair (I can read hands-free!) or eating (see? I really do read at all opportunities). But I still like printed books. There’s something about the physical presence of books that makes me happy.

What is your favorite love story, or stories?

Nothing beats a good love story, especially when it’s part of a book/film/TV show that’s also got an interesting premise. I loved the romance between Buffy and Angel on the first couple of season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Sookie Stackhouse romances (especially with Bill) are great on the page and on the small screen on True Blood. Like most readers, I think Pride and Prejudice has some great romantic scenes. (Same goes for Bridget Jones and her hilarious love affair with Mark Darcy.) As for YA romances, I think nothing is more romantic than Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games. I swoon every time I think of Peeta giving Katniss that burned bread.

And my last question, what can we see from you in the future?

I’m working on another book right now about a girl whose family owns a company that provides fake “adventures” for bored rich people. The heroine of the novel becomes involved in a kidnapping that may or may not be staged. It’s sort of an adventure/mystery/romance.

It sounds really awesome! Thank you Christy for answering my questions. I am really looking forward to reading and reviewing your book.

Thank you. And thanks for your blog. I love reading reviews and hearing what readers think about all the great books out there. I wish all of your readers lots of comfortable chairs and free time for reading!

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